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Choosing AngularJS for developing your next web application?

Every organization in this era of e-commerce is keen to create an impact online, which has resulted in peak demand for web developers like never before. Across the globe, there are more than 876 million websites, as per the recent survey and count still increase. Most of us are aware of various platforms available in the market for the web development. Browsing with their geeky spectacles on through a million lines of codes, like the most of us it is time for the web developer who is busy making our lives incredible and easier to triumph. And this time through ‘AngularJS’ – developed in 2009 by Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons. Since its commencement, it has been creating some ripples in the market.

What is AngularJS?

The web application framework – AngularJS is an open-source which revolves around Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS). The framework AngularJS is user-friendly when we want dynamic views in web applications. By implementing features at runtime, it allows you to extend HTML vocabulary thereby making the code more legible. Moreover, it can develop very quickly, and by using filters, RESTFUL API, customized directive tags, dependency injection, etc. it also encourages the best practices.

In the world, this web application framework is one of the most widely used and flexible languages built on JavaScript, offering a complete package for developing the front end based application. You must be wondering what is so special about AngularJS when there are many similar web application building tools available in the market. On the other hand, few of us would be looking out for one good reason to use AngluarJS for developing the next web application.

So keeping all your queries, popularity and feature list of AngularJS in mind, let’s have a look at the few primary reasons why one should cherry-pick AngularJS for web development.

best Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

AngularJS is most famous for its Model-View-Controller (MVC) capabilities and uses for developing a web application. AngularJS developers are allowed to break their interface into three components by MVC architecture.

-> A Controller or input interface

-> Model the working logic code behind the application

->View the final output to be displayed

Towards MVC development approach, AngularJS has consistently acclaimed for getting closest, when there are other frameworks which have attempted such a feat. It not only customize your module components and allows to access greater capabilities but also acts as a pipeline to connect your modules and manages your components automatically. Moreover, in your web application development, the greater control allows superior flexibility.

Create your own HTML

The framework utilizes to the fullest, and by using directives, it allows you to extend HTML tags. It is one of the powerful features that will enable you to create a customized tag. To define the applications’ user interface and determine the execution of the application, AngularJS uses HTML. Therefore to separate your MVC application from DOM codes it gives you added capabilities by putting all DOM manipulation code into directives themselves.

Minimize the need for writing the code

The web application framework – AngularJS makes development more manageable by reducing the need to write code with its rich feature. You don’t need mutator method for implementing data models and most of all executing MVC architecture takes away the burden off your head. Moreover, directives can manage by other team working parallel as they are not part of app code. As a result, all these things minimize the need for writing the code.

These are few primary reasons as to why you should choose AngularJS for web development. It is a very crucial part to select the appropriate platform for web development. Rigel Networks, with its expert team of AngularJS developers, completed two of the projects successfully meeting the client’s requirement. Rigel designed a customized watch builder and online catalogue web application for a smooth integration on any website, to a top-notch jewelry industry serving in the US for 19+ years.

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