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The Changing Trends of Outsourcing Business Operations To India

The global outsourcing industry of India has witnessed an exponential growth in the last 25 years. It had its own share of tough times, but the industry has experienced a sea change in the last few years. Earlier, IT companies providing outsourcing services were keen on achieving technical expertise while now the emphasis is on gaining a domain expertise to leverage the available technology in the best possible way for a business.

The majority of these outsourcing service providers are using cloud-computing technology to deliver cost-effective services in a faster and efficient way. However, if you are an entrepreneur, and you are thinking to outsource some of your business operations to India, it is vital to understand which business operations are ideal for outsourcing to benefit your business.

Which business operations are ideal for outsourcing?

Well, not all the business operations can be outsourced to focus on your core business areas. In fact, it is ideal to outsource the business operations that exhibit the following traits:

  • Not crucial for profit generation like content writing, web designing, and much more
  • Are routine in their nature like appointment setting, outbound calling, email management, etc.
  • Are temporary i.e. not needed all the year round like travel assistance, B2B surveys, content management, janitorial services, much more.
  • Are not expensive, but require specialized resources which a business may not like to drain as in the case of business analytics, transaction processing services.
  • Require special skills that existing employees within a company don’t have like image processing, technical support, etc.

You can either choose a single business operation for outsourcing to India or keep outsourcing as a strategic part of your business as per your convenience.

Why is India a leader as an outsourcing provider?

With a large pool of skilled workforce that comprises of web designers, content writers, telemarketing agents, engineers, programmers and developers, no wonder India has an edge over others as the best outsourcing destination all over the world. Another feather in India’s BPO industry is that India has the largest number of English speaking people globally, and this makes it a favorite among companies looking forward to outsourcing their business operations at flexible pricing packages.

Now, apart from large companies, small and mid-scale ones are also outsourcing their business operations to the leading Indian BPOs to stay competitive and focus more on their core business. For small businesses, outsourcing means the execution of business operations without investing much on infrastructure and resources, which is indeed like a boon for them.

So, if you have not yet decided the business operations that you can outsource or have still any doubts, please consult with a reputed India-based BPO service provider.

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