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July 24, 2019

Deliver Concrete, Emphatic Changes In Your E-Commerce Store’s Security

Over the decades, online security has been a massive issue. To give you an idea, as per the research study, it indicates that ransom ware attacks have increased by 36 percent worldwide throughout 2017. In the changing e-commerce landscape, website security has become a severe issue. 

Over here, we’ll be discussing various ways/methods to improve your e-commerce store security.  

Each business must put in extra effort to secure their sites, information stores, as well as data. For e-commerce brands, this is essential as they frequently deal with a wealth of customer information and transaction data. Building the most reliable shopping experience is not cake-walk once your e-store is live. What you need to consider is the security, which requires regular maintenance and inspection routine, along with additional inspections around platform patches, and plug-in upgrades. 

According to Trustwave, 90 percent of breaches target and impact small merchants, whereas large brands that get hit can see costs as high as USD 4 million per violation. 

Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform 

To improve security SaaS platforms for E-Commerce and other business verticals are broadly adopting and suggesting the use of two-factor authentication. However, with this, the user will require to provide additional information and login confirmation via different channel like SMS or email even with a compromised password. 

The vast majority of e-commerce stores run on platforms like Magento and Shopify, where security seems the primary issue. The top factors that retailers consider while choosing an e-commerce platform include accessibility, robust functionality, and the fact that these platforms are much more reliable. 

Update your Security Plug-Ins 

For E-commerce retailers who are operating their websites on platforms that allow for them, plug-ins are a boon. The CMS technology, WordPress has a ton of different plug-ins that add an extra layer of security to your e-commerce website.  

For instance, Wordfence Security is a plug-in that integrates e-commerce stores with a strong security system powered by Web Application Firewall. Apart from this, the plug-ins prevent the website from getting hacked and gives you a real-time view of your traffic and any underlying hacking attempts initiated. It is essential to be sure about the plug-ins used in your e-commerce platform and what has it to offer, as most of them are free and highly competent at providing an additional element of security. 

Conduct routine PCI scans 

Proactive security examinations help you detect issues before they fetch your customers and revenue. Regardless of how reputable your e-commerce platform host is, you should perform regular quarterly PCI scans, as the identify risks and vulnerabilities that could leave your store open to hacks and the injection of malware and viruses.  

For B2B and B2C market segments, the ecommerce sector is growing globally. The industry is expected to now clock USD 200 billion by 2027, according to the recent study. 

From offering better end-to-end functionality to enhancing your business individuality, Rigel Networks, a prominent E-Commerce solution provider company helps the organizations by creating a feature-rich online portal. We assist the industries in reaching out to their prospect, by developing web and mobile e-commerce solutions which expands your customer base. Working closely with start-ups and professionals, we have built multimillion-dollar online stores in over 50+ different niches. 

B2B and B2C e-commerce stores developed by us has an appealing online presence, cross-platform mobile outreach, and superlative back-end processing calibre. Whether it is about developing an e-commerce site from scratch or refurbishing an existing web store, we aim to answer our customer needs and amplifying their business. 

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