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Powering M-Commerce with Magento Development Services

December 4, 2017

There has been a great influence of mobile commerce on the e-commerce sector, which is expected to surge with time. Many think it to be a supplementary component of e-commerce, which is totally a wrong notion. If we go by what experts say, around 1.6 billion people use their mobile phones to shop online. So, … Continue reading “Powering M-Commerce with Magento Development Services”

Integrating Magento With ERP can Tremendously Enhance Businesses

The integration of your Magento web platform with your enterprise resource planning software can reap tremendous benefits for your enterprise. It helps to connect the diverse parts of your business, improving data visibility and accuracy. This in turn leads to faster order processing, enhanced perceptibility into shipping requirements and better customer management. With the help … Continue reading “Integrating Magento With ERP can Tremendously Enhance Businesses”

Creativity with Magento Customization Can Offer Ace E-commerce Solutions

August 4, 2017

Creativity is a cherished possession that drives success. Its value can never be undermined no matter which field you are in. When it comes to e-commerce, getting creative with customization pays valuable dividends in the form of standing tall amongst your competitors, increasing customer acquisition and retention, site conversion, and a consistent surge in revenue. … Continue reading “Creativity with Magento Customization Can Offer Ace E-commerce Solutions”