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PHP or ASP.Net: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Web Development needs

If you ask anyone in the website development sector about the most popular technology platforms for web application development, you are most likely to hear one of the two names, or maybe both—PHP and ASP.Net—two technology platforms that bring in the lion’s share of the web development market. It is by the law of nature … Continue reading “PHP or ASP.Net: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Web Development needs”

Top 9 Features of PHP 7.1

June 2, 2017

PHP 7.1.0 is here with several improvements and new features. To begin with, there is Iterable Pseudo Type which can be used to type hint anything using foreach. Next is a feature that allows to create a closure from any callable function with better performance and error handling, and wrapping scopes. To assign variables from … Continue reading “Top 9 Features of PHP 7.1”

Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Website and Web Application Development

In the world of web development, PHP framework has its own ecosystem. From small static websites to complex applications, PHP frameworks are used to build robust and feature rich websites and web applications of all size and complexity. An optimal choice of PHP framework increases development speed, with reusable and maintainable code, enhancing the scalability … Continue reading “Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Website and Web Application Development”

PHP 7: 10 Things you need to know

January 2, 2016

PHP is highly popular among the web developer for rich and exciting web apps and websites. According to the W3techs, PHP has a massive market share of 81.5% and among the entire version of PHP, 98.7% PHP based websites make use of PHP V5. PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP, which is expected … Continue reading “PHP 7: 10 Things you need to know”