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Streamline Your Medical Practices with EMR Solution

July 9, 2018

Earlier healthcare industry relied on pen and paper to keep track of patient’s medical histories, hospital, and the name of the physicians. Now the time has come to take a step ahead and move on from paper records into a comprehensive system of electronic medical records (EMR). It is essential and tricky to stay organized … Continue reading “Streamline Your Medical Practices with EMR Solution”

Virtualization in Healthcare – Transforming the Quality & Delivery of Patient Care

The fast paced and sedentary lifestyle today have left many people end up with mega operations and micro therapies. This is why, there has been a relentless pressure on the healthcare industry to lower costs and improve the level of patient care and fulfillment. Here’s when technology became the leading driver and brought a rapid … Continue reading “Virtualization in Healthcare – Transforming the Quality & Delivery of Patient Care”

Open Source EMR- A Platform that has Transfigured HealthCare Space!

“A teenager was given a 39-fold overdose of a common antibiotic, nearly killed to death because of doctor’s negligence.” “A wife lost her husband as the doctor could not found that he had heart blockage because of the wrong ECG reports on hand” “A six year old kid died after a physician mistook him for … Continue reading “Open Source EMR- A Platform that has Transfigured HealthCare Space!”


November 20, 2015

The advancement in technology has guaranteed improvement in efficiency in most areas of life. This is true for world of healthcare and medicine too. A major frustration in healthcare organizations is inefficiency. To eliminate inadequacies and stay productive, it is highly important to purchase, install and use the right healthcare software. Rigel Networks specializes in … Continue reading “Why to choose Rigel Networks as your Healthcare Solutions partner?”