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Why are Enterprises Choosing DNN for CMS Development?

Websites for enterprises is like cheek by jowl. To make a significant web presence the content, function and process management must be taken into serious consideration. This is how a professional website is procured. And this is where an effective content management system (CMS) comes into play. A CMS enables creation and modification of website … Continue reading “Why are Enterprises Choosing DNN for CMS Development?”

Magento 2: Imparting Formidable Dimensions to B2B E-Commerce

B2B customers are difficult to reach and engage as compared to B2C customers. The prime reason for this trend is that B2B customers do not spend additional time as the B2C customers. Also, the marketing for B2B customers is different with no specific strategy carved on stone. The pivotal aspect of engaging B2B customers depends … Continue reading “Magento 2: Imparting Formidable Dimensions to B2B E-Commerce”

How Kentico Aligns Marketing With Web Development?

Marketing and Development are two of the substantial pillars for enterprise web development. And it is important that these two divisions work in sync and are well connected. But the truth is marketers often feel that web developers do not understand the business requirements, whereas developers feel that marketers have little idea about what they … Continue reading “How Kentico Aligns Marketing With Web Development?”

The Conflux of Laravel and WordPress Can Ensue Immense Value for Enterprises

Laravel can give a new dimension to your website. This PHP-based, open-source MVC framework facilitates building simple, yet robust websites and web applications. The popularity of Laravel has shot up in a very short time span. The credit for this goes to its simple, elegant syntax which enables quick application development with exceptional features. WordPress … Continue reading “The Conflux of Laravel and WordPress Can Ensue Immense Value for Enterprises”

Enterprises Seeking All-in-one Web Development Solutions Are Turning to Kentico

Businesses are always in the need to develop formidable websites, because their targeted audience and business community gauge a lot about their services through their web pages. There are several content management systems in the market today that provide outstanding features in their own right. If we mention about a content management system that covers … Continue reading “Enterprises Seeking All-in-one Web Development Solutions Are Turning to Kentico”

Kentico: Delivering Businesses with Strategic Marketing Capabilities for Sure Success

Kentico is a CMS of global choice powering more than 25000 websites across 100 countries. Their diverse customer base includes brand names such as Mazda, Hyundai, Audi Finance, Starbucks, UNICEF Australia, to name only a few. It is quite evident that a platform with such a diverse popularity must possess great capabilities to deliver solutions … Continue reading “Kentico: Delivering Businesses with Strategic Marketing Capabilities for Sure Success”

Kentico: A Comprehensible Solution for Your Incomprehensible Business Needs

With multitude Content Management Systems providing standout features, one is ought to be perplexed while choosing the perfect fit for their web platform. And then you have a CMS that covers content management, e-commerce, social networking, intranet and online marketing. Welcome to the world of Kentico! Based on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, Kentico offers a … Continue reading “Kentico: A Comprehensible Solution for Your Incomprehensible Business Needs”

2017 Most Popular CMS Technologies

April 21, 2017

CMSs have been influencing digital content significantly. Both enterprises, and the world entagled in the web are reaping its benefits by leaps and bounds. Natuarally, we ought to have CMSs blooming into several types. As human beings, aren’t we always obsessed with the best and the most popular? So here we are, based on their … Continue reading “2017 Most Popular CMS Technologies”

Kentico 10 – Why should you upgrade?

Kentico – The “All-In-One Platform” is a fully-integrated and optimized ASP.NET CMS, E-Commerce, and Online marketing platform. On 30th November 2016, its fourth version, Kentico 10 gets launched, with elevated online marketing features, increased MCV support, development guide(based on dancing goat sample site) and much more Here are the few improved, additional features that Kentico … Continue reading “Kentico 10 – Why should you upgrade?”

Upgrading to Kentico 10!

On 30th November 2016, Kentico releases its most enterprise-ready solution – Kentico 10. The update brings a long list of functional improvements and additional features as compared to its previous version. The new version helps in executing digital marketing activities in a faster and effective way. A few of its features and improvements includes better … Continue reading “Upgrading to Kentico 10!”