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How can a cloud migration approach benefit eCommerce apps?

Cloud computing has become the heart of almost every enthusiastic discussion taking place in IT infrastructure. Having a cloud based software system has recently become an overwhelming concern for many enterprise owners, business entrepreneurs and leaders among IT solutions providers. So if you are considering migrating to cloud based applications, it won’t be a matter of big surprise. Here in this blog, we are going to realize the value of resorting to cloud computing services and criteria for eCommerce apps before drifting to cloud migration.

Mighty cloud migration: what exactly can enterprises gain?

One of the key benefits cloud provides is flexible business, which means businesses can take freedom to select the programming models, OS, languages and databases that they are more acquainted with. This is a most prominent reason why businesses are shifting to cloud based solutions.

There are many more merits coming to eCommerce way upon going cloud, some of which are summarized as:


Compared to traditional hosting service providers, cloud computing is way too fast. Adoption of cloud practices for eCommerce business enables entrepreneurs to quickly build a new feature in their existing application, write a code and release in the market. Traditional approach calls for tedious request process, procurement and installation practices.

Elasticity: Immunity to sudden traffic surge

Unlike any start up business, if you can’t handle and serve the unprecedented rush of customers, your well-known E commerce business is likely to suffer from bad reputation. Cloud provides you with Elastic capacity that works wonders for you by quickly adding more crowd-supporting capabilities through controlling the provisioning of Extra Resources (release and introduction of VMs) at such crucial time.

Economical and flexible payment models

Since cloud providers do not enforce any prolonged commitment and you get exempt from buying IT infrastructure for software development process, cloud practices help save big on capital cost.

One of the finest attribute of cloud services is its ability to provide you with pay-as-you-go plan. Once you have pre-configured VMs (virtual machines) and data storage plans, you pay only for what you use and based on number of hours. This is can be ideal for eCommerce business structure where number of visitors keep fluctuating.

More time to focus on your business essentials

As cloud services take over plethora of IT related routines, automating all of them, traditional management of them will only add to waste of time and resources. This way, going cloud helps you find more time to focus on those business essentials that draw urgent attention.

Increased availability

If you are expecting 100% availability from traditional data centers, you are likely to be disappointed. Despite the bragging claims, traditional methods don’t deliver precise results. Cloud computing offers services from multiple zones so that users can access eCommerce business information from any browser in use.

Credible security promises

Although 100% security is impossible in any virtual system, it is undeniable to say that cloud has wide scope of brilliant innovations in future. E commerce business deals with sensitive data of transactions and bank details, which requires full-proof security in place. It is predicted that cloud will contain sophisticated future security practices. Still, many cloud providers are already using globally approved security certifications for the enhanced protection of data.

Points E commerce entrepreneurs must consider before stepping into the cloud world

These was the highlight of cloud based app benefits. But have you checked if your eCommerce or enterprise app is ready to migrate to the cloud system? Before you move all your application data to private cloud, here is the checklist:

  • Importance and success of the eCommerce application can be a deciding factor of whether or not to choose cloud services.
  • Applications with sensitive data or content should be the last one to migrate to cloud to protect the confidentiality and quality of your data.
  • If eCommerce app is not attracting much revenue, you should reconsider over cloud preferences.
  • Web based and SOA based application is best supported by cloud and is easy to move to the private cloud.
  • Complex applications built on intricate architecture should be carefully migrated in broken modules to the private cloud.
  • Security, compliance and governance requirements are also critical to making decision to choose cloud for your eCommerce app.

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