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November 3, 2015

What Can Cloud Computing Do For Field Services?

About a third of the world’s field service companies have started using cloud-based field management solutions. The fact that field service comprises 70% of the global economy makes this a staggering number. But still, it is only a third – the rest of the industry has preferred to stick to the traditional techniques of work order management. A common hurdle to adoption of cloud computing, which is revolutionizing this domain, is the belief that it is expensive, difficult to implement and can be done only by the big players. That is completely not true!

Cloud Computing is Not Just Technology

Ask any small or medium sized traditional field service company about cloud computing, the first thing they will say that the technology is too advanced for them. After all, what will their technicians do with such sophisticated tools? It needs huge investment in softwares, devices, infrastructure and highly trained professionals. What they don’t understand is that cloud-based solutions are not simply a technology implementation, but more of an attitude or a work style. It is the way a company approaches even basic IT solutions.

What defines today’s globally competent modern businesses is the realization that IT can graduate from a mere peripheral tool to a true driving force behind productivity and efficiency across the value chain. This is where cloud computing finds a foothold. When field service companies think about integrating tasks into a streamlined business processes, they have already taken the first step towards cloud-based solutions for field management.

How Relevant Are Cloud Solutions In Field Services?

Today, field services run the world. From the largest multi-billion dollar corporations to the humble homemaker, everybody relies on skilled technicians to solve basic problems of maintaining any kind of infrastructure. Air conditioners, HVACs, electrical fixtures, elevators, computers, printers, scanners, telecom cables, and electronic appliances – people need regular servicing for numerous purposes.

A cloud-based solution for work order management can help in handling large volumes of service requests while improving service quality. An even better solution is to outsource the task of integrating the entire process to professionals, while you focus on core competencies. These professionals help implement field service management processes and software tools that empower your technicians with unmatched mobility through rugged smartphones. Real-time reporting, briefing and closure of service requests enhance their efficiency, letting them manage multiple requests smoothly and quickly. Moreover, these solutions make scheduling and dispatching a simple task with optimal resource utilization.

When the back-end is streamlined, the end results are high completion rates and happy customers. It is time for companies to shed their inhibitions towards innovative cloud solutions.

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