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Why Businesses are Migrating Towards AWS Cloud Platform?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secured cloud web hosting platform of Amazon offering cloud-computing services that are reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective. AWS offers a large assortment of more than 70 cloud-based products such as storage, compute, databases, migration, networking, management tools, security, IoT and lot more.

Cloud Computing brings an opportunity to possess low variable costs replacing high expenses of infrastructure. Using cloud, the businesses do not need to plan much in advance for IT infrastructure like servers. Moreover, they can deliver quick results with an access of thousands of servers on a virtual basis within just a few minutes. This has created a need for the businesses to migrate to AWS cloud platform. The global statistics states that AWS has achieved more than a 1 million active customers across 190 countries, which includes around 5000 schools, 2000 government companies, and 17,500 non-profit organizations.

Let us take a glance at the list of advantages offered to the businesses by migrating to AWS cloud platform.

    • Offers a wide IT Infrastructure platform:

The Amazon Web Services cloud platform offers a large collection of infrastructure services including computing power, storage facilities, databases, networking and much more. These services are available on-demand with pay-as-you-go pricing option in just a few seconds.

    • Excellent platform for every use case on virtually:

AWS Cloud provides over 50 services with a few mouse clicks for data warehousing, directories, content delivery, deployment tools, etc. Its services are quickly accessible, without spending capital expense in advance and allowing start-ups, enterprises, SMBs as well as individuals in the public sector to easily respond to the changing business needs.

    • Strong Security Compared to On-premises:

The security provided by AWS cloud is stronger than on-premises as it possesses several security certifications, data encryption done at rest and in-transit, and hardware security modules.

    • Deep Approach to Compliance and Governance

The AWS Cloud platform has inbuilt features of controlling, configuration, auditing and managing the identity, which helps to meet your client’s governance and compliance requirements.

    • Globally accessible platform:

Amazon Web Services cloud platform can be accessed from 190 countries, from 13 geographic locations and 35 availability zones.

AWS Cloud is considered to be a secured service platform that helps in reducing the infrastructure costs like servers, savings on the staff requirement, etc. for building and maintaining the infrastructure. Thus, it creates a positive impact on your business line. Are you ready to migrate your business to Amazon Web Services cloud platform? Contact AWS experts of Rigel Networks at Rigel Networks offers highly secure, scalable and enhanced AWS Cloud Computing services that simplifies processes and increases efficiency for your business

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