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Building A Website Is Super Easy With the New WordPress 4.5 Release “Coleman

In a digital world, where having an online presence has now become quite a norm for businesses and famous personalities, WordPress has never lost its charm as the preferred choice of millions of people across the world. Recently, a new release by the same named “Coleman” after the name of a very popular jazz musician Coleman Hawkins has made the entire job of website development even easier in WordPress. It is the version 4.5, and has some interesting features. So, if you are planning to get or build a stunning website, it is best to know varied features of Coleman that make it so endearing to the developers worldwide.

Theme Logo Support

If you are an experienced developer, this new feature may not excite you. But for many WordPress users who have always longed to add their business logo on their website and desire to manage the same all alone, this provision is a welcome change. The feature allows themes to declare their support for the site logo in the Site Identity section of Customizer.

Immediate Website Preview of different devices

Today, most of the developers choose to create responsive websites as users now access the web more via mobile devices of different screen resolutions and sizes than in comparison to the traditional desktop. The new feature will allow you to have a preview of your WordPress site in the Customizer of different sizes and saves much time in website development and designing. At the same time, this feature eliminates the need of testing the whole site on various mobile devices.

Image compression and resizing

To reduce the loading time of a website with huge high-resolution images has always remained a challenge for WordPress developers. However, now it is the time to rejoice as you can use the new WP_Image_Editor_Imagick::strip_image() method to overcome this problem effortlessly. The new WordPress version also allows image compression without compromising the image quality.

Inline Link building

This feature allows you to stay focused while writing or adding any content within your WordPress website. Now you can easily paste a link or search a link on your website via a field, which appears when you click the standard link button of the WYSIWYG editor.

Apart from the above features, there are some other interesting features even in Coleman. These are an improvement in the comment moderation, a couple of shortcuts for streamlining writing, selective refresh feature, updates in javascript library, better-embedded templates, and many more. With so many new features, it indeed makes a point to update your WordPress website with 4.5 version as soon as possible.

Image credit: cloudways

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