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Build a Web Based Marketplace Platform Using Microsoft ASP.NET Development

To build innovative web portals and applications for your business, various technologies and programming languages like ASP. NET, HTML 5, PHP, ASP.NET MVC, and more used. Regarding usage of programming languages, websites are similar to desktop applications. So, if an industry is looking for a simple online presence, HTML which is a markup language is the best to build a simple website, but these sites overall are not all dynamic. The programming language – ASP.NET is a web application framework mainly used in Web Development. Let’s understand more in detail about what is ASP.NET development, its advantages, and usage in building innovative web portal or applications.

ASP.NET Development

Active Server Pages .NET stands for ASP.NET by Microsoft, which is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision, used to create web pages and technologies. ASP.NET development allows you to make use of .NET languages like C#, VB, etc. and is not only limited to script languages. To meet the needs on a regular base and manually modify the content of the web pages, Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) introduced to the market.

With an output sent to the user’s web browser, ASP is executed on the server side. This medium allows the server to generate dynamic web pages based on the actions of the user. Therefore, to the development of the Web, these server-side technologies are essential contributions. The website like, and others uses ASP.NET as the framework for their site.

When it comes to developing complex applications and websites, ASP.NET is a perfect coding language. Its extensive collection of APIs and secured infrastructure enables our developers to create dynamic web applications that run across devices without compromising security. Moreover, opting for ASP.NET development over other web development models, business will aid a number of advantages, right from improved safety to better UI controls and faster deployment to easily integrate with Microsoft applications.

Jewelry Marketplace project in ASP.NET

We all are aware that the jewelry industry is involved in nature to be addressed with IT solutions and give any industry standards. Rigel Networks has developed a Jewelry Management System, which is the most trusted, tested and proven software platform for the jewelry industry. Our projects on Jewelry Management System is unique and well-designed software to maintain all jewelry business related transactions. Most of the projects are built using ASP.NET programming language.

Jewelry Marketplace is one of its kind, where Rigel Networks delivered a user-friendly web-based marketplace platform for one of the top 5 marketing agency serving Jewelry and Diamond Industry in 20+ United States. The portal not only helps the company but is also beneficial for retail jewelers and vendors to quickly get connected with each other, manage products, inventory updates and secure installation using high-end technology.

By using the ASP.NET programming language, framework like Angular JS, Apache Solr and MY SQL database, Visual Studio 2015, WPF and WCF tools, we build a user-friendly web portal with 3rd party integration Telerik, Google Cloud BigQuery, Amazon S3 and AWS.

The web application portal allows the company to increase brand awareness, central management of data distribution channel, easy updating of product across all retailers instantly, digitally asset management and distribution. Earlier, the old system of the company was obsolete and was finding it difficult to manage both the vendors as well as retailer. Rigel Networks, with its excellent team, designed a dashboard for its retailers as well as vendors.

So now with all new features, the vendors can maintain the profile of retailers, communicate with retailers by messaging via portal, upload marketing material, and maintain their product & catalogue. On the other hand, retailers can use either source or manage vendors and their inventories. Also, view product analytic report and communicate with customers via a portal.

Further looking into the project, the company didn’t have a cloud-based platform that could help them save time and money. So as per client’s requirements, we provided complete solutions and used Amazon Web Services that give the client an easy way to use the massive compute power of the Amazon cloud computing platform to host their existing software on the Internet. By hosting on the Amazon cloud computing platform, company’s business could access on-demand, cost-effective infrastructure solutions and subsequently save time, money, and management resources.

Hence, Rigel Networks with its excellent team of developers provides complete solutions as per client’s requirements. We provided complete e-commerce solutions using Magento, OsCommerce and MS.Net frameworks that give control over the look, content and functionality of the company’s website. So what are you waiting for get started and provide a new look to your web portal by signing with Rigel Networks?

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