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September 14, 2018

Boost Your Sales and Enhanced Customer Interaction by Adapting CRM Solutions

One of the most operationally complex tasks for most of the organization is to efficiently manage a team of service technicians, as it involves many variables. Until recently human labor had to log, monitored, and controlled taking the right amount of time and energy. Apart from this they also had to accurately keep track of all the unpredictable changes which occur at any point time. CRM solutions are one of the enterprise solutions that enhance customer engagement, profits, and sales.

Field service management (FSM) is one of CRM solutions that helps organizations deliver active onsite service by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintaining visibility into operations. Work order management, inventory management, dispatch and scheduling, fleet tracking, and reporting are few standard features of field service management service which serve to increase the coordination between home office, warehouse, and field technicians, saving the company time and money overall and speeding transactions.

To take the manual work out of scheduling, dispatching, and skills matching these tools strive to increase field service automation. The motive behind field service management software is to enable that the company to move information more smoothly between the home office, warehouse, and field workers.

Field Service gives organizations the ability to identify dependencies between tasks with project templates that facilitate fast and easy setup while considering real-time part availability and technician reallocation based upon skills, location, and part pick-up and drop-off logistics. For any field service company, it is a more challengeable task to track and manage the performance of the offered service, balance customer satisfaction, and resource utilization to get profitable. If mismanaged, it can lead to increased costs and reduced productivity with more time spent on the road as against fulfilling service orders.

Rigel Networks is an End to End IT Services Company is one stop solution provider delivering cut edged field service management solutions that drive new levels of field tech efficiencies and customer delight for service companies. Our field service solutions provide a set of automated capabilities intended to streamline and improve management of field service activities.

Our solutions include service order, scheduling, service level agreement, combining complex logistics, prioritization, and monitoring of field service operations and it eliminates paperwork and paper bottlenecks from work orders to invoices — so you can get paid faster. We include various modules like Dashboard, server order management, sales management, customer management, inventory management, vendor management, dispatch management, logistics management, accounting, and reporting.

Our Field Service drives profitability by automating the process of dispatching field technicians to service calls in remote locations. By increasing contact with customers, your organization will be in a better position to satisfy those customers and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities.

Projects on Field Service Management Solutions

The US-based top-most IT retailer of various equipment like printers, scanners, Xerox machines, POS machines, and many more. Since their reputation for the value of money and excellent customer service has enabled them to become one of the biggest retailers in the US. As a result, they wanted to replace the old technology with the new technology and make the organization’s work more effective, efficient and profitable.

For their business, the client was using conventional and antediluvian technology, which has many limitations like web access, lower speed, internal automation, UI (User Interface) problems and many more. Moreover, to manage all departments within the company premises, the customer was not having a proper system and lack of a one-stop solution for managing all the business activities of the company. Apart from all this, there was insufficient Microsoft Access to store data as per their requirement may it be manual internal entries, vendor management, workflow management, old and desktop based application and more.

After a gaining a thorough understanding about client’s specification and its needs, Rigel Networks designed a user-friendly web application and provided a systems management tool which can easily communicate work with all departments within the company. The tool consists of customer web access so that the customers can collect real-time updates, gain access to special reporting, as well as view historical work orders.

Additionally, it also incorporates technician web access where the technicians can capture real-time updates, accept available work orders, view payment history and details, gain access to individual reporting, have the availability to maintain their employee profile, as well as view historical data. Last but not the least the tool also has a vendor web access system so that vendors can reverse bid on client’s needed parts, import invoices and credits, view payment history and details, and also gain access to individual reporting.

Features of Field Service Management Solutions

A new and flavored featured application built by our software development experts includes below-mentioned features:

Web Access: Technicians, Vendors, and Clients can access and enter the data from anywhere anytime.

Integrated with SQL Server 2008: Customer can fetch the data, can create own customized forms and manipulate the data.

Better UI: More user-friendly interface will ease the employee’s, technician’s and vendor’s job.

Work Flow Management: Internal Automated Entries for the Work Order Process

Logistic Management: Automated Ware House, Inventory and Stock, and Rack Management modules

Auto E-mail Configuration: Clients, Vendors, and Technicians will get auto-generated e-mails for their locations

IVR Module: Technicians will get IVR calls from System.

Dashboard Management: All the agents, employees and client will have their own dashboard for follow-ups and schedule.

Auto Generated Reports: Daily, weekly and monthly reports have built automated with schedules, so management doesn’t have to wait for the reports.

Customized Reports: Our experts had built customized reports as per the requirement of the client.

Benefits of Field Service Management Solutions

Web-based software: System Mobility

Customized forms: The betterment of service

User-friendly UI: Upgrading of the system

Automated Logistic Management: Save a lot of time of the employee and will result in monetary savings.

E-mail Automation: Zero chances of errors will increase the efficiency of the system and less clutters.

Work Flow Automation: Increase the efficiency of work management and also useful, better and timely service to the customers which will improve the customer satisfaction.

IVR Automation: Will help the client to make calls in a timely manner and also sends reminders to the technicians for their service calls.

Dashboard Management: All the associated parties will get their dashboard for the meeting, schedules, and follow-ups, fewer chances for any miscommunication.

Report Automation: Zero possibilities of errors in reports, which will give 100% accurate information to the client and they can gauge and predict the future flow.

Overall to build a user-friendly web application and for a smooth workflow, we develop the portal using ASP.NET Web Forms, C#, MS SQL, SQL Server Reporting Services, JQuery,  along with 3rd party integration Entity Framework, Telerik, and Linqto Entity.

Hence, once accomplished there was a 30% increase in the ROI for the client due to the prompt and apt response from our team. Moreover, we provided our client with timely and cost-effective solutions that have served to enhance the ESI customer experience significantly. So what are you waiting for, get the most comprehensive CRM solutions that are agile and easy to integrate with the third-party applications.

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