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Benefits Of On-Demand Mobile Application Services for Your Business

The inception of the on-demand mobile application development concept was truly redeeming, which unseals an efficient way to manage and meet our regular requirements. According to on-demand economy statistics, 86.5 Million Americans have currently hired at least one on-demand service provider in 2019. However, around 42% of the adult US population connotes the common emotion of millennial towards digital on-demand businesses. As per the research study, the economy of on-demand mobile application grew from USD 22 billion in 2015 to USD 34 billion in the preceding year. Over and above the annual income is forecasted to reach around USD 57 billion marks by the end of 2019. If you want some experience and potential reasons to try your hand at digital on-demand mobile application for business, let us first understand the benefits of this application.

SMEs business get the benefits

The ability to address the requirements of any type of business irrespective of scale and size makes the on-demand mobile application services accessible across the globe. Further, for leveraging the benefits of the on-demand mobile application development services, it isn’t necessary for your business to be well-established. Even start-ups can also gain an advantage from this feature-rich and user-friendly mobile application development. One of the most significant benefits of this application development is reaching out to a massive audience for promoting your business across their networks.

Grabs Opportunities

The on-demand mobile application is a technological boon, which helps diverse industries to grab new opportunities that come their way. For instance, if your enterprise is seeking to target a niche market or specific audience for specific services, the on-demand mobile application enables it for your industry.

As the preeminent digital healthcare IT solution provider, Rigel Networks had created an on-demand mobile application for a healthcare facility, where the patients can book the respective doctor’s appointment online. Not only this, but it also assists in managing the supply of prescribed medicines at the patient’s doorstep. As a result, this application development services help diverse industries to grow their business through improved and customer-centric services.

There is an ample number of on-demand mobile application development projects covered by Rigel Networks for diverse industries. Apart from the healthcare industry, we have also work for a well-known media industry which is ranked among the best five AM/FM radio apps based on the number of stations. The application gives you worldwide access to real radio stations and related content to what you’re listening. It allows you to listen to over 60,000 internet radio stations, programmers and podcasts from all over the globe using the best radio station directories available. Also, it gives you access to real radio stations as well as thousands of independent stations and playlists for different genres.

Another on-demand mobile application development project covered by Rigel Networks is for US-based prominent logistics industry, where we designed a user-friendly website for the customer to keep track of their vehicles with live tracking app and also view the location history. The user can choose between a basic subscription plan and Premium subscription plan. Apart from this, they can also buy a tracker for their vehicle.

From creating an outstanding mobile application development, allowing users to accurately decipher the ideations of innovation to make their enterprises genuinely distinctive, Rigel Networks develop a comprehensive spectrum of custom mobile app development services from app discovery to maintenance, tailored to your specific mobility requirements. As a preeminent mobile app development services provider, Rigel Networks have fortunately transmitted hundreds of apps across various industry verticals. We develop scalable, enterprise-class Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms that take full advantage of native features. For our cross-platform and hybrid apps, we leverage tools like Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native, helps us to ensure a consistent functionality and look across platforms.

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