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How ARKit for iOS Devices is Driving E-Commerce Towards Sure-Shot Success?

Apple is the most active promoter of the Augmented Reality technology, especially after the release of its AR developing platform. iOS ARKit is the framework for building Augmented Reality experiences on iOS devices, viz. iPhone and iPad. Industry experts say that it is such an implementation that has the potential of mass adoption at an exponential rate. Whether it is B2C or B2B e-commerce, there are several ways in which augmented reality on the iOS platform can be a transforming factor for businesses and consumers alike. Let us now consider certain factors in support of the fact that ARKit with iPhone app development services can ensure considerable success for enterprises that are into mobile app development.

Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

It is a well-known fact that ease of decision making boosts satisfaction and customer retention. E-commerce business will undoubtedly be transformed by AR. When it comes to e-Commerce, virtual fitting rooms and spatial projection will eliminate the uncertainties of online shopping that has become an inherent part of it. With the help of virtual fitting rooms, customers will be enabled to try clothes from the comforts of their residence. This will facilitate ease of decision making by reducing the number of returns which in turn will boost the sales. For goods decorating our homes, customers will get the opportunity to visualize how articles will fit dimensionally and aesthetically in your given surroundings.

Personalization is Great for E-Commerce

ARKit will keep the e-commerce vendors one step ahead with personalization, which is a remarkable trend in eCommerce. With the help of individual customer data, one can get the insights on buying behavior and recommendations on the product pages of the websites. ARKit will facilitate retailers to take a step further and allow customers to be engaged further into a seamless, hassle-free buying experience. Products have come one step closer to being tangible for customers who are now much closer to interact with the products.

Omnipresence of Augmented Reality

Devices enabled with AR have become omnipresent with Apple ARKit. The specialty with ARKit is that additional devices and controllers will not be required like they are for VR. With ARKit, the good thing for retailers and brands is that development on apps can start immediately. Apple provides better object scaling and use a fraction of the phone’s CPU. Other AR apps are yet to accomplished this feat.

Boost Your B2B & B2C E-Commerce

ARKit will enhance B2B eCommerce, which is anyway projected to outpace B2C sales by the year 2020. On the similar lines, mobile commerce growth has outpaced desktop eCommerce. In addition to that, B2B and mobile commerce growth rate will create the platform for AR apps to innovate B2B operations. AR will facilitate layering digital components into reality that will remove many of the manual processes. For instance, you will be easily able to do spatial planning for new office spaces and interiors. Or even create simulations to train employees.

Summing it up

Augmented Reality has a great market potential and with the involvement of a formidable technology giant like Apple gives it a great boost. E-commerce retailers and businesses have a great opportunity ushered with AR.

For B2C and B2B e-commerce, AR will give an opportunity to provide customers with more information during the buying process and be more confident in the while purchasing. AR is going to be the perfect tool for e-commerce on iOS to streamline operations, plan initiatives, train and execute against the demands.

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