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Why Your Application Needs Constant Support and Maintenance?

Your mobile app is finally deployed and made it to the app store after months of developing and testing and now all you can do is wait and watch! Right? Not exactly, in life as with the apps, it’s all about being proactive and really keeping up with the times. Development costs are only the tip of the iceberg, the larger part namely maintenance lies underneath.

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that once a mobile app is developed, the work is just half-done! The steep climb to the top of the app store has just begun.

Given the focus on fast development of mobile apps, developers are more in a rush to develop, dump and proceed, which only makes maintenance imminent and harder. Thus maintenance is essential to avoid the risk of the app being left far behind in the dynamic technology world.

The question then arises is that why, after all the pain-sticking hard-work and hours of testing is the app still considered half-baked and demands frequent maintenance, which literally costs more than half of the total development costs.

Here are the major reasons why an application needs maintenance:

    • Bug fixing and crashes:

In-spite of hours of testing and all sorts of emulators, apps are prone to crash and bugs due to various issues from platform security updates, different screens and devices or platform APIs and much more. The app will then require maintenance and bug fixing.

    • Ongoing Design and development in the Dynamic Technology landscape

Are your mobile apps updated? The ever-changing technology moves at breakneck speed and with frequent iterations and updates in each of the platform, it become necessary to update the apps. The focus is to give the app users the best possible experience and engagement and considering the fierce competition in the app stores of major platforms namely Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it only makes sense to ensure that you are quick to bring in the changes.

Why outsourcing Mobile application maintenance to helpdesk service makes a positive business impact?

Pursuing app maintenance and support that too with widely prevalent skill shortage, budget constraints and fewer resources, demands dedicated resources and because this is an ongoing process juggling both maintenance of mobile apps and creating new apps from scratch or testing some other apps, is likely to take a toll on the development team.

The other major reason is the opportunity cost that you incur by dedicating internal resources to mobile app maintenance and this keeps them away from developing new innovative solutions that could just be a breakthrough for your company.

Therefore it makes wise sense to outsource the app maintenance because this will not only lead to achieving high performance and more efficiency, you will have the right team of experts to get the most out of your application.

Thus you not only leverage their experience and industry expertise, you also have a dedicated team of client focussed experts who offer more insight, speed, value and quality with less complexity, cost and risk. This eventually increases the customer satisfaction and the company’s competitive position.

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