Life at Rigel

We are not measured by the revenue or profit but by the transparency, growth and the satisfaction of our employees

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Life at Rigel

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! This is what we completely believe in. At Rigel Networks we always make sure to keep the environment entertaining healthy and pleasurable. And why so? It's because, we are not just some campaign to be concerned only about the work. We take it seriously when it comes to motivation, encouragement and enjoyable aspects of our team members. We say no to pin drop silence culture. Rather, we like to gather around every now and then for merry making ceremonies. We welcome talents and creative minds and also like it when employees walk in with great ideas. And this is just not regarding the work, but also for the functions and celebrations that take place one after the other. Birthdays and appreciations are our yet other favorites. We like to make our staff feel special proving a second home for them. Though we instigate high principles, but that's nothing more than our incredible staff, their dedicated support and of course our culture. Come and be part of pulsating organization where personal development, fun and work go hand in hand together. Interested to know more about our work culture? Put a glance to some of the specific areas of our campaign that follow-

Equal Individuality

At Rigel Networks, we have equal values for every individual. As a talent is above all caste, creed, culture or gender, hence every employee is accredited of his or her skills and performance irrespective of all the mentioned aspects.

Join Us

If you have been dreaming of working in a stress free and light environment then we make your dream come true. Apart from your skills, we also strive to shape up your creativity, abilities and boost up your development in an extremely professional yet friendly environment.

Career Assistance

Once you are in at Rigel Networks, your automated growth of career starts the very next moment. We organize periodic trainings and internships for employees to make them robust against career oriented challenges.


Unlike of that traditional 9-6 working shift, Rigel Networks sustains a rejuvenating environment apart from the work, to keep its team ever refreshing throughout the day.

Growth And Development

Not on the backstage, but at Rigel Networks, you will earn the opportunity to work with partners and clients on the same platform. We don't take the sole credit of the hard work done by our team but also bring them up front.


This is one of those various facets that we care about. Thus, we lay our importance on some of the areas like Unparalleled Solutions, Friendly environment, Customer satisfaction & above all on the concept of Let Us Grow Together

Make the Right Choice with Rigels' Dynamism

We believe in imparting exuberance when it comes to work. We serve our clients in an evolving environment of growth and development. Choose us and avail the opportunities.

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