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December 1, 2015

Gone are the days when people used to buy pieces of jewelry or precious stones only from their trusted family jeweler. With the advancement in technology and rapid spread of easy internet access, people are now more comfortable in buying jewelry online. This has opened an array of opportunities for the people who aspire to start their own jewelry business, but don’t have a brick and mortar shop to start the same.

The global demand for jewelry is in all possibilities going to exceed USD 257 billion by the end of the year 2017 as per the market analysis done by Global Gems and Jewelry Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018. One must say it is a highly impressive figure where people prefer to touch and feel before buying literally everything!

Now, that you have already geared yourself to leave a mark as an entrepreneur with your online jewelry business, it has become vital to put your efforts to make it BIG! The nine crucial steps to make it big with your online jewelry business are as follows:

1.Get a Responsive Website For Yourself

Getting a responsive website is important to create a powerful visual impact on the visitor. Such a website also allows better navigation and cross-browser compatibility which is vital in today’s world. With so many devices to access the web, you never know which device your potential customer is using to visit your jewelry site.

Moreover, a responsive website fetches good rankings over the search engine results. Another reason of getting a responsive website is its fast loading time. The less time your site will take to load, the more time a visitor will stay on the same. You may be surprised to know that by numerous studies that increased page loading time decreases the chances of your conversion rate.

A research report published by the Aberdeen Group in April 2015 in this regard reveals that even a delay of just one second in page loading leads to decrease in page views by 11 percent, decline of customer satisfaction by 16 percent and a substantial loss of 7 percent in conversions. Another study published in 2009 revealed that quick page load is a vital factor for loyalty by a whopping 52 percent of online shoppers! So, don’t feel left behind and get a responsive website as soon as possible.

2.Get A Mobile App For Your Online Business

If you are thinking that only big business houses make use of dedicated mobile apps for their business, you are wrong as a mobile app is no longer an option for any business irrespective of its size. The mobile trend is catching up fast and a major chunk of your target customers are now mobile-only internet users i.e. they have just their mobile devices for accessing the web.

It is indeed an impressive thing to have your own business app and this can really help you to engage your customers more smartly. You may have noticed that on your mobile, there exists a variety of apps of which some are of a local coffee shop or a beauty spa downtown! Believe it; marketing will be much hassle-free with a dedicated mobile app for your online jewelry business.

3.Marketing and Branding

Knowing how to make jewelry isn’t enough–you need to know how to sell your pieces, too.

After making all this ready, you need to focus on branding and marketing. Jewelry is industry in which you can utilize Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest on wider scale. There are examples where business have grown to 500% Y2Y profits by utilizing one of these platforms.

Run strategic Facebook advertising campaigns. For certain holidays, make sure to advertise special deals that are only available to Facebook fans. These campaigns are great, because you can target consumers according to certain demographics: age, gender, location, and whether or not the people are connected to your business.

4.Make website Load Faster

The speed of your business website matters. Quick-loading websites perform better on every front: higher search ranking, superior user experience, and better user engagement. Most importantly, fast-loading websites deliver higher conversions and higher revenue.

5.Having A Robust Inventory Management System

Good inventory management is always critical for the success of any online retail business. There is now multiple inventory software over the web that you can use for your jewelry business. It helps in keeping track of your jewelry items and there is little room left for any anything getting misplaced or stolen. You will never face the risk of having too few jewelry pieces due to orders from your customers as you will have the knowledge that you need to add more in the stock. It is better to have adequate stock of jewelry pieces than to make a delay in shipping to the customers. Isn’t it?

It is a wrong belief that spending on an inventory management system is unnecessary especially for a small jewelry online business. You will have to struggle hard to manage the inventory via excel spreadsheets as soon as you will have a steady number of customers visiting and ordering from your site. To be sure, you can choose inventory management software only after going through the free demo provided by inventory software.

6.Look for an affiliate program

Affiliation platform is the need of an hour for both Manufacturers and Retailers. Such platforms can help manufacturers to showcase their almost ready products on the retailers’ website and retailers can sell the designs without buying as well as making the stock of the product. This is in a way very unique solution for small and medium size businesses to overcome the herculean task of managing the inventory without breaking the bank.


You should choose the software and website that can easily integrated with leading accounting software like Quickbook and mailing solution like Mailchimp. It saves time and manager’s life become much easier.

8.Purchase A Jewelry Design Software

Are you creative? If you are then purchasing good jewelry design software will help you to create your own unique designs. There are Rhino 3D, Matrix CAD, T-Splines, JEWELCAD, KeyShot, and other software which are easy to use to give your creativity a flying start! You can always use the web to get inspiration or ideas for your jewelry designs and have your own set of elements to create your designs.

9.Make use of social media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are just fabulous! You can advertise your products on these sites on your account as well as can spread the news of your latest jewelry collection for sale to your friends and followers without spending a single penny.

Lastly, it is always best to hire someone who understands you and your customers as well as creating a brand of yourself to make a big mark in the online jewelry business. You should employ all means of advertising by leveraging the available technology to reach to a large number of people. Perseverance and hard work are vital for achieving success.

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