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December 28, 2015

8 Important Considerations for Mobile App Testing

Mobile application has become a rage in the modern digital world. The stake has risen considerably with the popularity of the mobile apps. Now it has the potential to cause determinate effect on the business revenue, to customer loyalty and brand image. This modern digital age is dominated by the widespread use of the smart phones, tablet and other devices, which makes mobile application testing more important and incredibly challenging prospect. Here are the important things, which needed to be considered while performing the mobile testing.

1. Ensure that solution supports both manual and automated testing

When planning to use mobile testing service by a vendor, then carefully ‘understand’ whether it offers the manual or automated testing or both. Manual testing will require quality assurance (QA) team to conduct each step in the testing process by them while automated testing will simply check the whole process on its own and provide you with end result. For small changes in code manual testing makes more sense but automated testing is better suited when you are looking forward to save time in testing.

2. User Interaction

Touch screen gestures have improved considerably with the use of better display technology. Developer now also gets the chance to test the Siri and Google Now integration for their apps. It is necessary to maintain that app UI works smoothly and efficiently in all forms of interactions.

3. Mobile OS updates

Most of the major mobile OS get updates twice in a year and in order to ensure that apps work efficiently on the smartphone, it is necessary to update them as well. Developer should keep a firm eye on the mobile updates and be ready to make necessary changes in the apps to ensure its compatibility on the said OS.

4. Backward compatibility

Another aspect of OS updates is the backward compatibility. In case of Apple, it offers support for just one previous version while Android platform has millions of users still using the outdated versions. It is necessary to ensure that your apps perform well along all the versions of the mobile OS to provide the best user experience.

5. Constant Interruptions

Calls, messages and other apps are known to interrupt the functioning of app on constant basis. Test the apps in handling these interruptions and saving data along with any cause for interfering with other apps. All problems associated with these interruptions should be mitigated before launching the app.

6. Diverse smartphones and other devices

Mobile manufacturer are experimenting with the size of the screen for tablets, smartphones and phablets a lot. It is necessary for the quality Assurance team to perform the extra set of test to ensure that the apps work flawlessly across various screen sizes and layouts.

7. Privacy and security

Most of the time a general application doesn’t use the confidential information such as credit card number and bank accounts of the users but it is necessary to make it secure and reliable. Enough testing and security measures should be put in place to ensure user’s data are secure.

8. Cellular and Internet dependency

The major and minor fluctuation in the signal strength and type can affect the performance of the app and can result in malfunctioning and crashes. Test for all these situations related to signal-strength of both cellular and Wi-Fi types in order to offer a smooth running app.

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