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December 17, 2015

With the term Content Management System, we refer to a suite of tools and apps, which allow a business to flawlessly create, revise or issue electronic text. This CMS give an online GUI, allowing the publishers to get into the system. Among various systems for content management, Kentico is considered to be the most helpful one because of its following benefits.

Easy control over the content

Creating the content of a website is really a collaborative task. And, you perhaps want to have a complete control over your web content all the time. It is possible only with the Workflow – a useful tool of Kentico. This tool helps to create mutual authoring of your web content very effectively. It delivers notifications through email to all the right users.

Creation of several media libraries

With the help of Kentico, you will be able to build more than one media library, in which you may save PDFs, music, images, presentations and many more. Besides, you may add these folders in text. Contents of your library can be easily uploaded by any website member.

Make a global site with multilingual content

Translating a website into multiple types of languages is, in fact, the foremost step for growing your business to some new markets. So, you can use Kentico in order to deal with the site in all kinds of languages. No matter, whether it is Chinese or Hebrew, with Kentico, the version of every language can have its individual website structure, which does not depend on some other available languages.

Help the visitors in contributing to your site

Kentico supports user generated web content, and thus, the certified users may generate content on your site. So, you may build up a wiki-like website section.

Begin two-way interaction with clients

Kentico helps you to publish corporate and personal blogs and get the comments from the readers. You may manage several blogs and enable the users to insert new blogs. The blogs may also be shared with RSS.

Allow sharing in the community

In social networking, group is an essential part. Kentico allows the creation of groups. Group assists the user to get relevant information and share the ideas and experience.

Remove all file share problems

Kentico helps in the management of document, and thus, you can arrange the files on the intranet site. The documents can also be shared with some definite individuals. You may upload the files of different formats like PPT, DOC, XLS and many more. Customized data fields may also be added with extra information.

Allow online chat with forum

Initiating active chat is an important step to build a healthy online community. The forum also generates a good environment for help. And this is possible with the help of Kentico.

Thus, Kentico is the best CMS with all the required features.

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