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5 ways Kentico CMS could be your awesome online business growth strategy

With many business specific software and goal-driven technologies flooding the IT solutions market, we have got a multitude of solutions to write on. Online product oriented websites selling directly to visitors aspire to run on a stronger, and viable CMS technology that addresses all its practical needs. This technology is also expected to be quintessence to managing online content – publishing, editing and modifying everything viewed there. The requirement, however, doesn’t stop here and demands easily customizable features, optimized viewing as well as future scalability.

So what, you may ask, is the actual catch? The answer is one-stop CMS platform that includes all you can think of.

Every once in a while comes an exciting innovation that surprises many of us with its amazing offerings and dazzling success. Such is the case with Kentico CMS technology tailored exclusively by Microsoft to appeal to mass online eCommerce ventures. It is swiftly becoming popular as all-in-one CMS since there is little you will find forbidden in Kentico CMS. The technology is solely devised to fulfill business needs and align needs of customers.

So let’s learn all 5 ways Kentico can turn out to be an awesome online business growth strategy.

UI Design Improvements

With introduction of version 8, Kentico builders already showed the promise of presenting us with business-friendly interface. The latest Version 9 bolster design interface elements with more accuracy, bringing in many remarkable changes in relation with colour schemes, icons, fonts and buttons. Kentico now offers much refurbished user interface with cleaner, non-frame based visibility. This proves you can build a finest, mature eCommerce architecture of your dream with Kentico’s UI design improvements.

Ecommerce-obsessed Model

Consolidation of potential technology and effective in-built marketing endeavors, Kentico is designed to amaze eCommerce aspirants. The ease of doing online business has been the core focus of its latest version with all the sweet features already coming ready in the CMS. Some of the eminent highlights of them include seamless inventory management, product variations, simplified editing, customizable shopping cart, enhanced promotional discount methods, mobile-friendly responsiveness, user-friendly navigation, etc.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration facilities have gone even deeper and less complex with rise of the latest version. You are free to use dedicated modules provided by Kentico and manage your social media feed within the very interface. With much improved authentication process, you can scour through richer profiles to strategize personalized content approach and effectively automate marketing activities.

Dashboard Personalization Luxury

Although Kentico offers intuitive, pretty dashboards, you always have a chance to modify it as per your personal taste. Should you desire making changes to existing dashboard, you can easily personalize to create your own custom dashboard. With that said, you can add or remove ready modules or apps of your interest to make admin control for content management an experience worthwhile. This luxury makes it possible for you to configure the dashboard matching the role of operating users.

Finding the Right Kentico Partner

Finding the right Kentico partner is fifth glorious way you can boost regular traffic and ensure rapid business growth prospect. Unless you collaborate with a right, qualified and trusted Kentico partner, your eCommerce dream would remain just a dream. The special streak that brings you and Kentico development partner together is their Kentico web development capabilities, industry expertise and innovative approach towards eCommerce development and marketing. So at last seeking a strong Kentico partner with a proven track record of delivering successful Kentico websites could be your ultimate online business growth strategy.

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