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January 12, 2018

5 Retail E-Commerce Strategies to Enhance Customer Experience

A good user experience guarantees perennial success. Because it generates customer loyalty and repeated visits. The essence of retail e-commerce is to convert visitors into buyers by putting emphasis on fast site performance, ease of navigation, omnichannel selling, ease of shopping, ease of finding informative content and many other factors—all of them to make the online shopping experience more engrossing. As a business owner, what must you expect from your e-commerce development services partner? What are the strategies that must be the part of their development repertoire that will help you to serve your customers better and drive significant revenue?

Let us discuss 5 strategies that can enhance the user experience, ensuring significant customer acquisition and retention for e-commerce merchants in the retail industry.

1.Personalized strategies deepen customer reach

“According to a study by Accenture, about 75% consumers buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history.”

Having a generalized view about your customers is an unforgivable mistake in today’s e-commerce sector. Each shopper is different from the others based on preferences, choices, etc. So, it is important to personalize your e-commerce strategy if you want to widen your customer reach.

Customized loyalty programs offering specific discounts to specific customers based on their shopping behavior manifests your responsibility towards them. This proves to be conducive for customer acquisition and retention once and forever.

2.Updated information empowers your customer service representatives

“According to Oracle’s Customer Experience Impact Report, 73% of customers say they love a brand for their friendly employees or customer service representatives”

What can be better for your resources and customer representatives who have knowledge at their fingertips? With updated information, your customer service representatives would be empowered to serve the customers better with the information about the latest stock in inventory based on the preferences and purchases made by the customers.

Businesses can achieve effective decision making with vital customer information like brands preferred, choice of shipping, complaints raised, and order history.

3.Mobile optimization leads to proactive functioning

“As per VWO E-Commerce Survey, 37% shoppers between the age group 18 and 24 do most of their shopping on mobile or tablets.”

If mCommerce is not a part of your e-commerce strategy, your strategy can be rendered simply outdated. By choosing the e-commerce platform that has mCommerce as an integral part, your web store will be mobile optimized that will allow your customer service representative to be on the agile side of informing the customers through e-mail or SMS.

4.Enhanced checkout process makes the e-commerce path easier

“A study by PayPal states that a too-complicated checkout was linked to an 18% drop off in conversions.”

Emphasizing on giving your customers easy check out options can take you a long way on the e-commerce path. Thus, look out for improving the checkout process with one click and guest checkout options, advanced payment integrations, advanced return policies, innovative shipping options, and so on.

5.Improved shipping option brings the users back

“A VMO E-Commerce Survey says 28% shoppers abandon carts because of unexpected shipping costs.”

If you are the kind of e-commerce merchant who keeps shipping on the back burner, then the prices you will pay for it will be hefty. It might amuse you to know that shipping played a significant role in establishing the brand of Amazon. Incorporating features such as drop shipping, free shipping for orders beyond a minimum threshold, placing fast moving products with the shipping provider and relating shipping to customer loyalty can get you a few notches higher.


The main aim of every e-commerce service provider must rest upon offering the best possible online shopping experience to its users in a convenient, economical and personalized way. This will not only reduce the enterprises’ operational costs but also increase their revenues.

If you are contemplating an e-commerce solution for retail or any other industry, Rigel Networks can be your one-stop solution partner. With more than a decade of experience in designing customer-centric retail IT solutions for retail brands and e-commerce business owners, we have been consistently delivering exceptional customer experience through our cutting-edge solutions.

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