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4 software solutions that drive intelligent ecommerce

It comes as no surprise how ecommerce stores have added immense amount of convenience and comfort to online user experience. Technological innovations and mobile-first approach have started making shopping much more interesting and personalized than before. If new software have made Omnichannel retailing an adorable facility for digital shoppers, Predictive analytics and integrated solutions have sophisticated the ecommerce assistance shoppers need while making purchase.

As new generations grow to become a part of digitalized world, expectations and demands they have from ecommerce web stores mature up, too. This aspirational shopping experience appears like a challenge to ecommerce businesses that are still striving to keep up with the pace at which ecommerce industry is evolving. This article will help you choose the best suitable ecommerce development platform that drives intelligent ecommerce and enhanced customer engagement for your business. Learn about what today’s top 4 technologies offer and how to extract the best out of it.

Magento ecommerce

The fact file about Magento in a recent study of Ecommerce platforms explains that Magento along with its Enterprise and community editions enjoy almost 29% of total market share. Magento open source is so predominant on online space, if you are a little familiar with ecommerce software technologies, you must have heard of Magento.

The major benefits it offers are its incredible flexibility, innovative features and customizable capabilities. Magento powers a lot many ecommerce websites already. If you have an expert Magento development partner, you have just found the way with creating a smart ecommerce store powered by magnificent Magento.

However, you have to take separate measures to ensure security of your Magento based multi-vendor website.


What makes Woocommerce unique among others is the fact that it is not a separate individually existing ecommerce solution. It is actually an open source WordPress plugin used to make a normal WordPress website an ecommerce portal with an integration of shopping cart.

It is quite a popular content management system and is often selected by small and medium scale business owners to build an online web store. The only concern is, you will have to download WordPress before you think about creating a fully-fledged WooCommerce store.

Drupal and Drupal commerce

With Drupal and Drupal Commerce integrated together, both customers and site administrators can enjoy a proven seamless experience. Drupal commerce is not a plugin unlike Woocommerce and allows you to include all standard functionality through contributed modules. Drupal is also equipped with Order management tools to view, manage and update orders on the website, which is an essential part of online commerce.

Drupal also allows you to create fully responsive website for optimal viewing experience on Smartphones and Tablets.


What differentiates Prestashop from other platforms is its ability to offer a wealth of add-on integrations and modules, paid as well as free. Another stellar attribute of this incredible CMS is that it offers development services so that merchants won’t have to undergo finding an expert Prestashop developer.

Prestashop offers more than 1500 templates among which 500 are premium.

PrestaShop has impressive reporting capabilities, another remarkable trait, and Intelligent Merchant KPI feature that makes it brilliant option for ecommerce web building.

Final words

Every ecommerce platform has something to offer, with each being different from the other based on its unique solution providing capabilities. We have discussed a few of them though which one to choose is something only you can answer. Every business strategy has its own set of goals and needs to select the one that offers highest possibility of being suitable for you. Lets us know if you have anything to add to our insight. Share with us your feedback.

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