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4 Majestic Tech Trends that are Likely to Dominate Jewellery Retail Market

When technology explores its freedom and space, the world of possibilities gets unleashed. These days, people are often treated with big surprises offered by technology: we are taken aback by sensational wonders every now and then. Such is the case with retail industry where digital solutions keep transforming the way buyers and sellers interact. On the sphere of eCommerce, each technology unveiled on a public platform revolutionizes the orthodox system. By introducing new improved standards, it redefines the anatomy of business and ultimately
challenges the radical aspects of existing retail market structure.

So here are some of the raging tech trends that are becoming digital trademarks for future generation buyers. Take a brief look:

Augmented reality (AR)

Many companies have zealously adopted the trend of Augmented Reality to increase the purchase experience for customers and desirability of the product. Among these are retail markets like clothing, toys, entertainment, games and departmental stores. Jewellery market has also joined the league, adopting the concept of augmented reality technology to revolutionize the way customers engage with products.

By enhancing the elements through computer generated input, augmented reality creates a real-world environment, allowing customers to try on jewellery items virtually as if it is all real. This is considered to be the most effective and interactive way for buyers to connect with the brands, making customers visit the jewellery merchant again for the similar experience.

Clienteling: Customer engagement and personalization

Buying jewellery is no longer the routine and is a much personal experience where customers invest their private sentiments while making a purchase. This requires a seamless rapport between customers and their associates in the store. Since associates engage with buyers directly, making a lasting impression matters.

This is where clienteling tools help frequently bring back customers in the store. Based on personal data and preferences, Clienteling can help know interest and choices of customers. To ensure customers take a wise and calm decision, Clienteling can fix the one-on-one appointment for special customers on convenient time with their preferred associate. This way associates can pre-plan for his meeting and spend more time studying customer profile to engage deeply later.


In order to eliminate the barrier between customers and their final purchase, Mobile POS is the latest focus of many jewellery store merchants. Retailers who want to ensure their customers can purchase their favourite item from anywhere in the store leverage Mobile POS system. This technology helps not only with queue management, but it also generates additional data based on mobile usage, which can be further used by retailers to optimize their in-store product positioning.

Customizable ERP

Presumably acting as a total jewellery solution, highly specialized and customizable ERP software can drive jewellery store towards better and simplified store management. This ERP system can cater specifically to the unique needs of jewellery business that involves end-to-end processes: Manufacturing, inventory restore & control, Customer record, in-store retail management.

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