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RESTFUL API – What is it and why should developers leverage it?

RESTful API provides an independent platform for designing network applications. REST is the abbreviated form of Representational State Transfer while the API stands for Application Programming interface. RESTful API gives the liberty to the designers for designing the web independently. Adhering the principles of REST, it restricts the client (browser) from knowing the structure of … Continue reading “RESTFUL API – What is it and why should developers leverage it?”

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

November 25, 2016

Statistics reveals that 80% of the users uses their smart-phones to search internet for any product search or service. This clearly implies that the modern buyers are drifting more towards the mobile applications. In the present scenario, the users are approaching safe and secure applications as the digital identity of log-in, log-out, NEFT transaction alerts … Continue reading “Mobile App Development Trends in 2017”

Top 5 Signs Your Business Need IT helpdesk Support

November 23, 2016

For smoothly running your business, IT helpdesk is a remarkable support from the information technology realm for the expansion and advancement of business.  With the use of IT helpdesk, the customers will be happier with your organization, as they will get solutions for their problems on time without any compromise or delay. Here, are some … Continue reading “Top 5 Signs Your Business Need IT helpdesk Support”

Top 5 ERP Benefits For SMB’s

November 21, 2016

What is the meaning of ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software tool for managing the big data of the corporate house. With the help of single database management, build-in analytics and dashboard, all the business information regarding revenue generation, order processing, managing production, intake orders, manufacturing capacity etc. is retained. Using ERP software … Continue reading “Top 5 ERP Benefits For SMB’s”


November 18, 2016

In Retail, customer experience is everything. This fact makes customers the king in retail industry. In this era of millennials (Today’s techno-savvy generation, vocal on Social Media & increasingly open to sharing personal info), it is highly imperative that Retailers give their customers a perfect blend of online & offline shopping experience. Elevated usage & … Continue reading “How Shoppers are Impacting Future of Retail Mobility?”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – What you need to know?

Business on Your Fingertips with Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics helps in solving the real time problems, by delighting the customers with next-generation applications. The greatest news is Microsoft Dynamics 365 is using cloud computing platform. It helps you in up growing the business from the baseline to the peaks. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can focus on … Continue reading “Microsoft Dynamics 365 – What you need to know?”

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