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After watching big, successful magnates stepping across the border to outsource their business, it is time for small business to outsource their work to an offshore agency. Trained specialists handling a good chunk of your business results into increased efficiency and reduced stress at the affordable cost. We have detailed an insight on how outsourcing … Continue reading “How Does Outsourcing Complement Small Business”

How to leverage chat support to improve customer experience?

From past to present, our ways of communication has undergone a transformative metamorphosis. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we can now capitalize on email, chat and telephonic methods to connect with one another. Ever since the email was found, our ability to reach out and send notes to people evolved. However, consumers always want … Continue reading “How to leverage chat support to improve customer experience?”

4 software solutions that drive intelligent ecommerce

It comes as no surprise how ecommerce stores have added immense amount of convenience and comfort to online user experience. Technological innovations and mobile-first approach have started making shopping much more interesting and personalized than before. If new software have made Omnichannel retailing an adorable facility for digital shoppers, Predictive analytics and integrated solutions have … Continue reading “4 software solutions that drive intelligent ecommerce”

5 ways Kentico CMS could be your awesome online business growth strategy

With many business specific software and goal-driven technologies flooding the IT solutions market, we have got a multitude of solutions to write on. Online product oriented websites selling directly to visitors aspire to run on a stronger, and viable CMS technology that addresses all its practical needs. This technology is also expected to be quintessence … Continue reading “5 ways Kentico CMS could be your awesome online business growth strategy”

Enterprise Mobility – What & Why should SME’s adopt!

Though Enterprise mobility is still taking its baby steps for many organizations, the interest is seen increasing. Experts are expecting the trend will soon become mature in coming time. Already, the app adoption rate for enterprise is growing sharp. Moreover, with the practically experienced success of mobility spirit in healthcare, travel and retail, we believe … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility – What & Why should SME’s adopt!”


June 20, 2016

The storm of mobile technology is warning all the ecommerce master merchants to brace themselves as the era of digital transformations has already arrived. Smartphones and tablets have started limiting the desktop usage and individuals leverage their digital devices for most of their commercial and personal needs. Technology has also bred the Omnichannel shopping trend … Continue reading “Top 8 E-commerce Trends in 2016”

Custom app development: Myths, reality and practical benefits

How many times do you come across a perfect solution that comfortably matches all your business needs? With plethora of changes powered by technology giants (Microsoft, Google and Apple), the way solutions have been crafted has shifted from being difficult to relatively easier. When it comes to developing a dedicated app or software to target … Continue reading “Custom app development: Myths, reality and practical benefits”


June 17, 2016

There is always a tiff between which CMS to choose when you are on the horizon of site creation – Whether to go with the most popular PHP-based WordPress or the one which is rapidly gaining popularity, ASP .Net based Kentico. We here, present you a pictorial representation that may help you make your choice.

The landscape of Software Testing is shifting: Things you need to know

Being in the industry that is always changing its sphere, one needs to be dynamic, sharp and dexterous to deliver the best. Software development is one such landscape where there is a constant shift. Developers have to keep with the pace of changing technology trends to create a solution that best matches with contemporary standard. … Continue reading “The landscape of Software Testing is shifting: Things you need to know”

ASP.Net – A Powerful Technology for Modern Development

ASP.NET has ruled the sprawling web development space for over 14 years. It is the most admired gem from Microsoft services. ASP.NET provides amazing set of features and functionalities, which is a catalyst to any business that wants to scale up. For any developer, the ease and time development process takes matters a lot, and … Continue reading “ASP.Net – A Powerful Technology for Modern Development”

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