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January 20, 2016

11 Mistakes you can make when implementing a BYOD Program in your workplace

Confess it! You’re skeptical.

Is operating a BYOD strategy really the answer to all your business woes?

You’ve heard this mantra quite often, but can’t help wondering. Right?

Well, this is why; we have decided to start by vaccinating you against some of the common mistakes that usually made when implementing BYOD strategy.

But, before we move further, a brief overview might convince you take first step towards its implementation.

BYOD (bring your own device) program is an approach that allows business employees and partners to use their own device to execute enterprise applications and access data.

It is typically used with smartphones and tables but can also be ranged to netbooks or other portable devices. The benefits include increasing employee satisfaction, new mobile workforce opportunities, reducing costs and cumulative revenues.

So let’s buckle down now to take necessary safety actions in order to avoid BYOD blunders:

  • Implementing without deciding the policy place: You cannot let your personnel connect their smartphones or notebooks to your business network on ad hoc basis. It potentially makes the network vulnerable to threat. Hence, make sure the policy is applied across the network, including the WLAN access points.
  • Lack of control: Your employees don’t need to have access to everything. You need to decide who will have access to what data to avoid issues in the future.
  • Restraining devices- Limiting device will not contribute more to your requirements. So don’t hesitate to extend that support to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Resisting MDM: Mobile Device Management software can easily track a smart device location. It helps you know where your sensitive material is being used at all times. Hence, failure to incorporate this strategy can only cause headache.
  • Providing gateway to all applications: Obviously, you don’t want your employees wasting time on Facebook and Angry birds. Hence, you must know how to maintain balance between restriction and encouragement.
  • Failing to guide employees: Leveraging proven techniques to educate your non-techie users is the main responsibility when implementing BYOD strategy. Also ask them to sign a document following your company’s policies.
  • Missing Device wipe policy- In case, if the device is lost or stolen by the employee, you should have the power of wiping all the sensitive data or apps instantly. Make sure your employees are aware of whatever guidelines you have set to avoid giving surprises.
  • Letting them choose your access network- When creating the BYOD policy, make sure users could bring devices only if they change their telecom service provider to the one approved by you.
  • Getting Rude to Employer’s Privacy- Just because your employee is carrying your business on his personal device that does not mean you are allowed to monitor everything on it. Respect your employees’ privacy to prevent legal troubles.
  • Making native email and calendar a secondary choice- If you are using nonstandard email and calendar apps when it comes to security of special clients’ emails rather than Apple or Google, you are only welcoming the provoking situations.
  • Excluding end-to-end management process- Devices are only one part of BYOD solution. There are many other important aspects like connectivity, business apps and security. Hence, look for a service partner that flawlessly that addresses all the key aspects in an end-to-end manner.

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