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As a business owner, you often unite your sales team to discuss requirements of potential clients, keep sales goals on target, to know performance and put constant pressure to find the next opportunities in the market.

Astonishingly, you spend half of your time dealing with such duties; yet get disappointed when you don’t see the results coming your way.

You think just by putting, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, you can manage your people anytime and anywhere. The sad part is, you cannot!!

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your business, which helps you generate income or revenue by increasing your brand awareness.

It is essential to create an environment and provide them with all the tools that support to pursue potential clients, improve communication between departments, stay focused on the targets and increase the sales growth.

One of the best ways to achieve all this is by embracing sales management software in the organization. It captures all the data efficiently and provides critical information that helps managing sales and makes accurate forecasts.

Salesforce crm software is a popular system that offers a comprehensive suite of applications to maintain customer relationships with a focus on marketing, workflow and email automation.

It allows customization of tasks, opportunities, contacts and accounts at a single place, which ensure convenience and 360 degree view of customers. Your team can also create dashboards to know how they are performing-at a glimpse in various graph formats.

Besides, Salesforce analytics and its reporting feature also enable to expand the operational capacity. You can also see the latest trends in selling at your fingertips and calculate the win/loss ratio on opportunities.

Building Excellent Salesforce development Solutions is in our DNA

At Rigel Networks, you will find pool of talented Salesforce developers with essential skills and hands-on experience to work with this platform. We provide ongoing administration support and training on applications implemented within the platform like Marketing Cloud and Salesforce service cloud.

We always stay abreast of technology developments in the Salesforce applications in order to build client specific solutions.

We hold an extensive experience in:

  • Salesforce API’s
  • Content Management System through Salesforce.com
  • Dashboard Management
  • QA Testing
  • Data Migration
  • Triggering workflows and queries
  • Enterprise Management System
  • Salesforce CRM integration and customization

No matter how skilled or talented your sales people are, without a powerful sales management software solution, all your efforts are sure to fail and your investment will become a wash.

So get in touch with our Salesforce developers today to craft the best solution to fulfill the requirements of your sales team.


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