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Incorporating Big Data into operations has become a must for the modern enterprise. A lot of companies (manufacturing units, online services, hospitals and much more) use Big Data Technologies to help them make smarter and more informed decisions.

The problem with Big Data is that it’s very hard to handle and process. It takes a very large amount of time to process, if handled using conventional methods. Imagine you want to explore and search Hospital records for the information on a specific patient. You will have to spend a lot of time to search for your desired information from within a pool of hundreds of thousands of patient records.

Cassandra analytics

To speed up the process of data searching and analysis, we recommend using Cassandra analytics integration into your existing corporate software framework.

Cassandra is an open source distributed data base management system designed by Apache to handle large amounts of data spread across a number of servers with maximum accuracy. Cassandra database possesses among the highest performance values in similar products. The University of Toronto placed the Cassandra on top in terms of scalability. Its 0.6 version was released in 2010 and since then has seen many upgrades and improvements.

Main features of the Cassandra technology

The main features of the Cassandra analytics are listed below:

  • Decentralized – The data is distributed over different nodes on the same cluster so each node contains different sets of data.
  • Multi data center replication support: – The distributed architecture of Cassandra is specially designed for the multiple data centre redundancy, failover and deployment as well.
  • Scalability: – It can be read and written without any downtime or interruption to the application when new machines are added to the system.
  • Fault Tolerance – Cassandra database is set to replicate over multiple nodes to erase every possibility of fault in the system. The failed node is replaced with the other node in no time.
  • Other features- Cassandra supports MapReduce along with Hadoop amalgamation. It can also support Apache Hive and Apache Pig. It also offers a tunable level of steadiness. Cassandra supports the Cassandra query language (known as CQL). The language drivers are available for Java, Node JS, Python, Go and C++.


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