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Technology Mitigating Human Errors & Improving Call Center Services
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Improving call center service is not an easy task as there is continuous change in shifts and employee retention is tough. Moreover, the competition is immense which added more pressure on the agents to deliver a consistent performance regardless of their ability to cope with the same. No wonder, the number of human errors is on a constant rise, but the big question is the scope to make improvement by taking help of the IT companies who provide valuable IT helpdesk support services. Of course, it is possible, and technology can wonderfully reduce human error. This result in more satisfied customers and eventually, it translates into more business, but before going anywhere deeper, let us have a look at the common human error in a call center.

Common human error in a call center
Some of the common human errors that come into play knowingly or unknowingly in a call center are as follows:

  • Lack of in-depth knowledge about handling of call center software
  • Responding to a customer in a high pitch or with an extremely low pitch
  • Inadequate handling of frustrated or angry customers
  • Speaking in a monotonous tone that put off a customer
  • Not addressing a customer formally i.e. Mr. or Mrs
  • Rendering wrong information about policies or service procedures to customers

Technology mitigating human error
There are now IT companies providing affordable IT helpdesk support services by which agents can have knowledge of a customer’s entire call history as this eliminates the need of asking the same questions repeatedly. Technology also offers them a wonderful opportunity to interact with their customers over different channels like mobile, chat, email or telephone via a single desktop! Sometimes, a lengthy hold time also results in losing valuable customers, and this is avoidable by the use of technology. Overall, all these things help in improving the customer service. The key lies in choosing the right service provider amidst the thousands of available ones in the industry.

Apart from continuous monitoring of agent and individual training, it is vital to embrace technology if one desire for accuracy and consistency in the services delivered by the call centers. In short, it is completely possible to improve call center services as there are latest technologies designed to address varied needs of call centers deliver a fabulous performance and mitigates human error to a considerable extent.

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