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Internet marketing, also referred to as "online marketing", is a specialized internet based process for advertising and marketing products and services using net based facilities such as online blog promotions, submitting classified advertisements, sending emails, and using various ecommerce facilities. Rigel Networks specializes in internet marketing and offers professional Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services which are above par as compared to other internet based companies. We offer premium services which cater to each and every aspect of internet based marketing, however small or big, simple or complex, our client's business and marketing needs may be. We have the ability to blend the correct mix of organic or natural search engine optimization techniques with social media marketing and online reputation management. We can successfully target the intended audience and help our client increase the consumer base through our dynamic online marketing strategies.
Connect with millions - Increase your consumer base Increased profits and ROI - Better Earnings Consistent internet marketing - Reliability and Affordability
Our services can help you reach out to millions worldwide irrespective of their geographic locations and what kinds of languages they speak. The client can also target specific geographic locations based upon his or her special requirements. We can help to increase our client’s consumer base. Our specialized internet marketing activities can help to get quality leads which can result in higher sales and profit margins. We can effectively target specific target audiences for "seasonal" products and services. The client benefits from increased ROI which is very important for any online businesses. We remain consistent in our SEO efforts to ensure our clients get regular traffic as well as business from the audience targeted. We provide services which are highly consistent and reliable, and in tune with our client’s marketing goals. We ensure the marketing goals are achieved as and when desired.

Clients benefit in many ways through internet marketing services offered by Rigel Networks:

Onsite SEO

We structure and optimize websites as well as portals to make them search engine friendly. It is important to specify and configure the meta details of websites in accordance to the client's business, and fine tune the site so it can support the search engine crawling activity in an optimum manner. The client benefits from a web site that is precisely structured and configured to get maximum business from the online market.

Offsite SEO

We specialize in building quality backlinks which can help to bring in consistent traffic to the websites, and create a stable base for future search engine rankings. We also have expertise in undertaking off-page or off-site promotional activities. We market products and services to large online audiences and avail quality leads which can result in increased sales and business for our clients. We are also brand promoters - we can successfully promote and market brand images, and carrying out product branding activities over the internet.

Link building

We employ manual white hat methods as well as automated link building strategies for generating online traffic and improving the search engine rankings. We DO NOT cut corners or employ black hat techniques which can lead to negative search engine ratings and penalizing of sites. We also employ content marketing, outreaching, link baiting, blogging, and info graphics strategies to get organic site traffic. We specialize in contextual link building, forum link building, DMOZ submission and link building, press release distribution and link building, blog commenting, article submission link building methods and techniques.

Social media marketing and social bookmarking services

We provide complete social media optimization "SMO" services to tap the vast potential of online traffic available through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We can create brand awareness, carry out brand promotion, and boost up your sales through our SMO activities. Moreover, our social book marking services can provide a better visibility to your website. We develop effective and reliable social media backlinks which can help to boost up your site rankings. We always utilize 100% genuine white hat methods to get your site rankings and results through our social media optimization processes.

Online reputation management services

We can ensure your company enjoys a clean and decent reputation based upon ethical work practices and excellent quality standards. We employ several techniques and create special quality links across online networks which can shape the search engine results in a positive and dynamic way. If you, or your business, have been a victim of unfair propaganda, malicious comments, vulgarism, or slander, we can study your particular case and provide solutions which can nullify the negative commenting or propaganda carried out to harm your business and reputation.
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Ordering from India
India is a very important internet marketing outsourcing destination. Perhaps, India caters to the maximum number of SEO based outsourcing projects in the world, and the list is steadily growing by the day. Like many Indian SEO or internet based marketing companies, Rigel Networks too excels in successful internet marketing, but there's a lot of difference in the manner and way in which we deliver our results to our clients. Our services are at par with international standards as far as the quality and assurance of services are concerned. We offer the best SEO services. In addition, we also provide customized internet based marketing services in tune with the client's precise needs and expectations.

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