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Why Xamarin is the Best Bet for Cross Platform App Development ?

June 9, 2017

According to a recent announcement, Microsoft and Xamarin are collaborating into a global partnership resulting in their technical and sales team working together. Xamarin can be integrated with Visual Studio and also produces compliant .NET Portable Class Libraries. The most incredible thing about Xamarin is that it brings .NET/C# to both Android and iOS. This … Continue reading “Why Xamarin is the Best Bet for Cross Platform App Development ?”

Native App Development with Xcode 8 and Swift 3.0

June 5, 2017

Swift 3 is the latest and the most popular programming language used to write or create apps for Mac OS X and the iOS devices. It is also the primary development language supported within Xcode 8. Swift App Development, as a Programming Paradigm, was explicitly designed by Apple to get fast and efficient performance from … Continue reading “Native App Development with Xcode 8 and Swift 3.0”

Top 9 Features of PHP 7.1

June 2, 2017

PHP 7.1.0 is here with several improvements and new features. To begin with, there is Iterable Pseudo Type which can be used to type hint anything using foreach. Next is a feature that allows to create a closure from any callable function with better performance and error handling, and wrapping scopes. To assign variables from … Continue reading “Top 9 Features of PHP 7.1”

Using Virtual DOM in React.js: Top 5 Benefits

May 25, 2017

Introducing React.js and Virtual DOM? React.js is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The virtual DOM is a node tree listing content, and elements and their attributes as objects and properties. The render() method of React creates a node tree from React components and updates this node tree due to the mutations caused … Continue reading “Using Virtual DOM in React.js: Top 5 Benefits”

5 Reasons to choose ASP.NET for custom web Application Development

Web development has transformed the communication and commerce industries.With the commercialization of the web, there has been a considerable growth of web development making it mandatory for businesses to use websites to sell products and services to their customers. From the early days of development of HTML to the growth of tools and technologies like … Continue reading “5 Reasons to choose ASP.NET for custom web Application Development”


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