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As an effective way to improve medical services, EMR software aims to simplify medical practice.EMR solutions deal with recording patient data like their medical history electronically, and can be accessed anytime without any trouble. Hospitals which cater to a seemingly endless line of patients simply do not have enough time to spend on searching for lost patient reports.

Day to day tasks performed in a medical facility

A health care unit, say a hospital, has to deal with a lot of tasks which include:

  • Setting appointment of doctors with patients
  • Perform billing tasks
  • Perform routine checkup
  • Maintain the list of patients admitted and discharged
  • Capture patient demographic data
  • Maintain flexibility of operations
  • Keeping record of medications prescribed to each and every patient of the hospital.

Besides these tasks, the hospital has to deal with medical claims, insurance suits and much more. There is a need for software which would simplify the task of handling patient reports and give the hospital relief in this task, leading to the advent of EMR solutions

EMR Solutions

They are basically digital charts which contain all the information related to the patient’s medical history. It stores the medical information of a patient in a systematic, intuitive and accessible manner, in a timely fashion. With options to store, transfer information to anyone within the healthcare unit seamlessly, you may double your workforce efficiency and provide better healthcare

  • Practice Management
  • End to End Hospital/Clinical Process Management
  • Electronic Medical Records Management
  • Patient Management portal Development
  • eTeleHealth – Independent Module supporting Tele-Health & Tele-Medicine Initiatives
  • EMR Customizable Modules
  • Mobile Device Ready Seamless Integration with Existing Applications

Benefits of electronic medical records software:

The benefits associated with the medical records software are great for both patient and the medical facility

  • Tracking and accessing patient data efficiently
  • Identifying and notifying patients who are due a check-up or a follow up
  • Monitor patient response to certain medications
  • Simplify the process of searching for the medical reports of a specific patient out of possibly huge piles of paper reports
  • Bringing overall improvement in the quality of healthcare provided in the medical facility with easy access to the patient’s medical records.

Open EMR is a completely free medical practice management software which gives users the ability to record and monitor medical demographic data. It is an open source software and available for health care providers. The tasks it performs are listed below:

  • Patient demographic monitoring
  • Patient scheduling
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical billing
  • EMR solutions
  • Reports
  • Security
  • Free support in multiple languages

Adopt an electronic medical records software right away to provide your patients and comprehensive medical experience today. Call us at +1-949-891-2571 or email at presales@rigelnetworks.com to inquire!


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