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Virtualization technology allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems on a given server at the same time. It is changing the information technology landscape and the way we utilize technology. It reduces hardware costs without compromising performance.

Advantages of Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization improves IT flexibility, scalability and makes the process fast while cutting on costs. This technology helps to deploy work faster thereby improving performance. It is beneficial as it makes operations automated and simple to handle. A Few benefits of Virtualization technology are listed below

  • Lower costs of operation and capital
  • Reduces downtime and even eliminates it in some cases
  • Improve productivity and agility
  • Makes applications fast and easy to use
  • Disaster recovery and facilitates centralized management

Application Virtualization

VMware describes application virtualization as the method to position software without bringing any change in the primary PC or operating system. This technology allows the organization to add commercial softwares without the need of any system alteration or threat to its security.

Virtualization technology removes complexities that can arise from complex processes The time to deliver updates as well as applications is reduced from weeks to mere hours. Since such applications work on user mode, there is little threat to host operating system and applications from possible corruption due to installation changes.


  • Virtualization technology ensures that there is faster deployment of the software for a great user experience.
  • Applications can be shared easily between networks without the need of a back-end server.
  • It allows administrators to deploy applications on the fly without any regression tests, even in some of the most secured computers.
  • Applications can work without any alteration of the security permissions.

VMware P2V

The operating system working on the physical structure is copied to a virtual mechanism in P2V migration. It is advisable to move applications to a newer virtual machine. It is convenient and easy to use.

Microsoft’s virtualization platform

Microsoft introduced a virtualization platform as Hyper-V in the year 2008. There are various versions of this platform. This can be downloaded as a separate product or installed as a Windows server feature.

This is a standalone version of Windows server that has only the relevant components to make it as easy to use as possible. Therefore it requires less maintenance. This has brought greater benefits, consuming less space with reduced costs and improved results.

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