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Legacy Migration & Modernization

Your business’s in-house operations are running on an outdated set of systems.

Your employees end up using their own forms of communication as there is no centralized document source to manage workflows and re-assessments.

And, you are still scratching your mind, thinking where I am lacking to achieve my business goals? Isn’t it?

Well, in today’s high volatile marketplace, even the established products or services become archaic in due course of time.

It catalyzes the need of product support or upgrades, which often proves to be challenging and luxurious. As the focus is to build a solution that is highly flexible and easily accessible to internal and external stakeholders

As a result, organizations aim legacy migration to leverage their systems, best positioned for growth and success.

Legacy Migration- Transforming traditional business process into strategic initiatives

Legacy systems, because of their nature, have become core systems in many organizations. Such systems include essential information and also represent important organizational assets. Thus, over a period of time these systems become alleviated to both user and purpose.

This dependence on older technology takes away the potential advantages of new innovations and also raises the risks associated with the unsupported software.

Availing legacy modernication services is an extremely useful approach that transforms the existing application assets and the knowledge of the company into new appropriate technology and framework.

Rigel Networks- Right Gateway to Legacy Migration and Modernization

The pioneers of data migration services, Rigel Networks use their extensive experience to renovate legacy systems to reduce disruption, lower costs, alleviate risks and enhance flexibility.

Our experienced team helps you to address legacy system issues like high cost of maintenance, blurred expertise of employees, unsupported systems, lack of integration and web capabilities.

During the process, you can sit back and enjoy significant cost savings & higher reliability of applications. We deliver our services using a well-defined framework, best practices and proven competences in reverse engineering software.

Our services cover the comprehensive cycle from planning to successfully migrating to desired latest platform. This includes

  • Consideration of Business problems with the current mode of operation
  • Generate the use cases for targeted applications by analyzing the source application
  • Migration analysis and assessment
  • Language Migration (VB to VB.NET, ASP to ASP.NET, and C or C++ to .NET)
  • Architecture Migration
  • Microsoft Exchange Server migration
  • User interface refurbishment constructed on information architecture and usability reviews
  • Full application suite redevelopment
  • Future business goals post migration

Benefits we offer:

  • Solutions and services available for everybody & anywhere
  • Elimination of system bottlenecks to ensure efficiency
  • Meet the higher scalability necessities of organizations
  • Proper attention to rising complexities to safeguard full resource utilization
  • Improvement in the functionalities and the user interface of the applications
  • Increased return on investment

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