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Big data means a massive volume of structured/unstructured data that is difficult to process because of its sheer size. However, this data, when managed well, can provide insights into the inner operations of the company, followed by actions to improve productivity and efficiency.

The data is diverse and can reach unprecedented levels from terabytes to even zettabytes. It is crucial to interpret important information and recognize the possibilities of big data analytics.

With the understanding of big data one can reveal essential information for better decision making. Data scientists analyze massive amounts of data to process the crucial ones which is not possible by standard analytics.

With high performance analytics you can process just the relevant data. Predictive analytics, forecasting, optimization and text mining can enable you to constantly drive newer methods and technologies for taking the best decisions.

Approaches for BI & Analytics

Organizations use reactive as well as proactive approaches for analytics. There are total of 4 approaches under reactive and proactive categories together.

Reactive Big Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence- This provides OLAP, standard business reports, Ad hoc reports, alerts and notifications. The Ad hoc report views the constant past and has limited purpose.
  • Reactive- Big data BI – Big data business intelligence can happen when reporting happens from huge sets of data.

Proactive- Big Data Analytics

  • Big analytics such as optimization, forecasting, text mining, predictive modeling and statistical analysis helps in making proactive decisions. This allows identifying pattern, trends, strength and weaknesses to make decisions favorable for future. The hitch here is that it cannot work on big data as traditional storage environments cannot keep up with the system.
  • Proactive- big data analytics- this allows to extract significant information from huge amounts of data. However it is not a one-time requirement. It attempts to provide insights to your analysts or decision makers to face the future with complete knowledge and preparation.

We can help transform operations, gain competence, develop competitive edge, increase customer retention rate, anticipate trends, prevent fraud, and run budgeted simulations; the possibilities are limitless

Benefits by Rigel Networks Big Data Solutions

  • Periodical insights from the massive amount of data
  • Real-time monitoring and predicting future trends that influence business operations and performance.
  • The data can be acquired, manipulated, extracted and connected with a number of tools of your own choice.
  • Analyzing and identifying important information to improve quality of decisions
  • Management of huge amount of data within or outside the cloud with verification and validation

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