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Rigel Networks offers comprehensive high-quality healthcare solutions which can help healthcare facilities and organizations to address their administrative, financial, clinical, and regulatory needs in an effective manner.

Our solutions are innovative and totally unique – our clients can keep pace with the quality of healthcare management services offered by other renowned and rated healthcare service providers across the world. Software developed by us is reliable, easy to use, configure & upgrade, and supports customized working.

Our healthcare software development activities can help the physicians and doctors to deliver quality healthcare services to their patients, and grow their business at the same time.

Even the RFID is a seamless technology employed by Rigel Networks for their healthcare sector clients. Its implementation has made it easier for the staff to keep abreast with the medical supplies, stock management of medicines with RFID Transponders, screening of infected people having contagious diseases, restricting and monitoring of access to prohibited areas in hospitals, etc.

Healthcare Solutions developed by Rigel Networks offers several advantages such as:

  • Innovative Products Development – Total Healthcare Solutions

    We believe that a proper study of existing healthcare management and processes is highly essential before providing solutions catering to the development of dedicated process automation systems. A careful study leads to a proper identification of key process areas, and how a particular healthcare process ought to be automated so that it can provide the desired results. We do exactly that – analysis, study, and develop unique solutions which offer total functionality and ease of use, without compromising upon the reliability

  • Patient Centric Approach – Provide Dedicated Healthcare Solutions For Each Patient

    Medical ailments can vary in their intensity as well as their durations. While some patients or individuals require medical attention for a shorter time span, a few individuals might require a prolonged medical assistance and treatment to get well. Each patient has unique medical requirements, and we help to develop healthcare solutions which specially cater to these specific requirements. Our medical software services aid the medical professionals in saving time and extra efforts.

  • Integration Of Various Healthcare Related Processes And Departments

    It’s not just the healthcare aspect – there are many other processes which work in tandem to support the main healthcare activities. Medical billing, accounting, patient history and treatment records, progress indicators and reports, etc. are a part of those activities and need to be integrated to get the most out of your healthcare software system.

Areas of Work

  • Clinical Process Management
  • Nurse / Physical Therapist Management
  • Report Management
  • User Management
  • Task Management
  • Scheduling Management
  • RN Case Manager Management
  • Intake Management
  • Alert Management
  • Patient Data /Record Management
  • Form Attributes Management
  • Eligibility Management
  • Staffing Management

Get the most reliable healthcare software solution from Rigel Networks now! Send us your query on presales@rigelnetworks.com so we can offer affordable healthcare solutions catering to your specific needs.


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