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Our Philosophy

‘Let Us Grow Together’

“Let Us Grow Together” defines our mission to elevate all direct and indirect associates including customers, their end customers, employees and partners – Growth for All!


  • To have a significant stand in global IT and Software Business.
  • To increase customer’s business by exceeding expectations through prompt delivery and commitment to quality, innovation and support.
  • To grow in all aspects taking in stride customers, employees and society developing long term relationship, creating challenging and responsible employment opportunities and being transparent and faithful.
  • To develop a trust worthy long term relationships by strategic alliance and transparency.

Core Values

We uphold our core values to the highest standards and they comprise the foundation of our company:


Team Rigel Networks will demonstrate honesty and integrity during all the transactions. We would be committed for internal and external relationship and do what is right for us and our associates.

Responsible and Commitment

Team Rigel Networks will always accept challenges and work towards customer satisfaction. We would define, refine, execute, measure, and complete all activities in support of agreed-upon goals and objectives

Full Self Expression

Team Rigel Networks would always have respectful communication of creativity, ideas, and concerns. We strongly believe in freedom to express ideas, concerns, and possibilities.

Innovative and Constant Improvement

Team Rigel Networks believes constant and never-ending improvement is necessary to ensure quality and productivity across all areas in the company. Seeking knowledge and understanding, then applying it to ourselves, our associates, processes, and products is core to our success.
Sound Decision-Making
Team Rigel Networks believes in making decisions based on: Logic, Intuition, Facts, Knowledge, and Experience.

Acknowledgment & Appreciation

Team Rigel Networks believes growth is achieved by regular acknowledgement and appreciation of our fellow employees, customers, vendors, partners, and ourselves, for contributions made in support of Rigel Networks’ vision and pursuit of excellence.

Certification and Alliances

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