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October 5, 2017

5 Ways to Boost Your SharePoint Application Development Capabilities

SharePoint is one of the most formidable web application platforms comprising multifunctional tools that can synchronize, accelerate, and enrich various activities significant for businesses. It facilitates enterprises to streamline their processes facilitating effective teamwork, management, and information flow within the enterprise sphere. SharePoint is a remarkable browser-based collaboration and document management platform that helps in finding, sharing, editing, approving, reusing, tracking and monitoring information necessary and critical for enterprises.

Let us discuss 5 different ways in which SharePoint platform can be leveraged to boost SharePoint app development capabilities.

1. Taking Collaboration One Step Ahead by Leveraging its Features

SharePoint symbolizes collaboration due to the several features it offers to enhance the functionality of apps. Employees who work on silos can communicate with one another in newer ways by leveraging the features of this platform, allowing communication, based on shared interests rather than departmental association. This allows everyone, users and employees to be in the loop of events. Some employees are always on the move. A collaboration option, “My Sites” allows these employees to sync the contents of the library in more than one device, and also access it offline. OneDrive is another collaboration tool that enables storing digital documents in a cloud-based repository allowing easy sharing and access.

2. Extending Integration Capabilities with Enterprise Communication

Enterprise communication can be enhanced by leveraging the ease of integration with Skype and Lync thus providing a robust way to communicate with colleagues and clients without having to abandon the platform. A feature called “Site Mailbox” helps in creating shared project space that facilitates users to create a common storage for emails and documents.

3. Offering In-depth Functionality on Mobile Devices

There are several third-party apps that make the SharePoint mobile experience better and highly responsive. Back-end mobile “channels”, geo-location tags, news feeds, push notification to alert users on new content, and improved viewing of MS-Office documents provides in-depth functionality on mobile devices to achieve new possibilities.

4. Extensive Collaboration Over Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise social networking is offered through SharePoint’s collaborative features such as community sites and enhanced search capabilities. To further enhance the social collaboration, enterprise social networking (ESN) suites may be explored such as NewsGator and Jive Software that seamlessly connects to SharePoint and offers mobile capabilities to enterprise social networking.

When collaborative features are leveraged and applied well in application development, free flow of information and transparent, open communication is facilitated. This encourages sharing of experiences to enable better decision making.

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